Monday, 30 June 2008

Another Hanna

Happened to pass some nice fabrics in a window the other day.
It turned out to be very a lucky encounter with Hanna Safstrom,
a talented young designer who just got her textilecollection
printed. Her fabrics are not even in store yet, it was her studio
I happened to pass by. She let me have some nice fabrics to a really
generous price. They turned ot to be some nice cusions and an tablecloth.
Its a nice feeling to help new upcomers.
Check her out!


I like this website.
Always great inspiration with commercial
works as well as craft.

Monday, 2 June 2008

the big move

Just a week left, and we will
move here! 3rd floor. I hope we
will settle in well. Right now it
only feels wierd and unreal.
But I will enjoy the balcony.


I never get tired of the subway in Stockholm.
The last hot days uts been like a cool art-exhibition.