Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Weather changing

Thunder coming in over the lake Racken in Värmland.
Beautiful bad weather!

Lea visiting again

My niece Lea visited again.
We celebrated her 1st birthday with a new, cool outfit.
She is kissing my belly when we ask her where her
cousin is. She is hillarious.


This summers most quiet and fulfilling days were spent in my uncles cottage on
the border to Norway. A totally deserted place in Sweden, filled
with wildlife, chantarelles, silence and rock-a-billys going creative
on their cars out of boredom. We were pretty quiet most of the time.

Friday, 4 July 2008


We are leaving for a few days.
Don´t know exactly where or when we will be back.
We will see Bruce Springsteen in Gothenburg and visit the
in laws on the west-coast. Then just drive. We´ll keep you posted.


Thank you Andy, Catherine, Camilla, Andreas mom, dad and uncle Jan for helping us move two apartments and a studio into our new home!

Slow transformation

Big thank you´s to Andreas, mom and dad who have helped us to slowly transform an old ladys romantic kitchen to something we like better. Hard work, but fun!

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Small pieces of happiness

We´re doing big renovation at the moment! The whole apartment feels dusty
as we threw out our kitchen last week. Everything is re-painted, re-done,
re-tiled. But in all the big changes we one day found this beautiful odd cup and
we both froze. The next day my kind little man came home with the cup.
Little pieces of beauty in an apartment like a war-zone.

But it will turn out nice....