Monday, 5 May 2008

Danish elephants

Oh, the weekend was so nice. My boyfriend went to Budepest and I had 4 days all alone! I found my silence and my creative spot. I spent the weekend biking, strolling, and working on some new books for Forum and Leopard förlag, but I also took the time to document some of my moste recent work. I am quite happy with this albumcover for the danish indie-band the Elephants.

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Anonymous said...

Your work is eally personal,
stylish and well executed.
I love to follow your blog.
Its so relevant and cool.
Sweden seems like such a nice country.

Evan, California

Anonymous said...

Riktigt jäkla bra, Hanna.
Du har en sån egen ton
och är sån grym idéspruta
och typograf.