Tuesday, 6 January 2009

What makes you tick?

I realize there are small things that I apprechiate in life. It can be anything from the obvious; a hug, a nice word, a warm gesture from one person to the other, but never the less small aesthetic stuff like our unusual and cool streetlights outside our window. Tied from one building to the other they wave like old aristocratic hats or soupbowls in the wind. The light catches the snow or rain right under it and it looks very beautiful. Wich - as a bonus- doesn´t make bad weather all that bad.

What makes you tick?

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Veja cecilia said...

Imorse när jag kollade ut genom fönstret och såg att det snöade for hjärtat upp i halsgropen, äntligen snö! Barnen är som galna: nu kan vi åka pulka!