Monday, 2 March 2009

Fun work!

Just giving you a sneak-prewiev on my project for Andreas Kullbergs new album, wich I´m doing with talented photographer and sweet friend Andy Phrat. It´s so great to work with people who complete you. If you also have fun, as in this case, its such a bonus. I´m creating pictures I´ve had in my mind for a long time, but have been technicaly unable to make. Thanks to Andy. And thanks to Andreas for asking me to do the artwork. Show you more later!

Oh, and if you haven´t heard Andreas music listen here.

Got this designbook from american publisher HarperCollins and was happy to discover my own work in it. Wasn´t that nice?!


Anonymous said...

Wahaw! you go girl!

Fine Little Day said...

Vad kul!

Ex auntie said...