Sunday, 3 January 2010


This is my sister and D´s new apartment. Under construction. It will be aboslutley lovely and I´m so happy for them and little Lea to finally have some more space. I do find the whole tearing-down-part very fascinating, as I seem to be more intrested in the journey then the destination in general. i´m kind ofa person who never gets to the point when talking. Anyway.

Isn´t this just lovely? When did these walls last see sunlight? Who was there then? And what year could it be? An old lightswitch whispers the 40´s-50´s. And as a contrar to all the beautiful interior-magazines I find this demolished apartment so freeing. Filled with possibilities, resting in its own history. Waiting... what ever plans you have for me, caress me with love and care. And do it slowly.

(But who wants a renovation to go slow : )


Fine Little Day said...

Ser vackert ut! Majorna?

at Hanna said...

Nej, det är bagaregården! Så fint område!

Fine Little Day said...

Bagaregården, aha. Ja där är det fint!