Monday, 1 March 2010

Great lights

Here are some lights I found in a shop in Madrid. Just regular shades on different sticks. Good idea isn´t it? Would like it in our entrance at home.

This is low days for the blog. I´m sick at the moment and my camera is broken. I´m trying to give you guys inspiring stuff from my archives, and yummy links. I hope you won´t get bored and leave. I am very happy to have so many new followers. This months you are twice as many visitors and t makes me so happy. Promise to do a better job as soon as I and the camera has recovered.


Guusje said...

Beautiful! Love it.

sara said...

inte då, låga dagar på bloggen. så vill ja å ha det i vår hall men alltid svårt med elen1

Anonymous said...

Jag vill ha de lamporna. FINA!
Kram Malin