Monday, 20 October 2008

Monday morning

Nice cuddly morning with my little Otto-man.
We have taken him to acupuncture and
it seems to improve his stomach-ace.
Except right now.


sara said...

stackars liten mage. lingontå är lite krasslig, hösten är ju här. kul om ni kommer ner. vi bor fortfarande i lilla lägenheten då. men vi är kan ses en massa och dra barnvagn! puss puss puss

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Otto's feeling a bit better. We've taken Shirley to an acupuncturist for teething pain and have had excellent results.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hanna,
What a beautiful boy!!!
I guess motherhood really suits you.
Which doesn't surprise me at all.
You new life looks so ideal. I am so
thrilled for you! You are such a special
person -Otto is so lucky to have you as his mom.

Jim and I just visited Iceland recently and loved it.
It sure inspired us to check out Sweden and Norway.
It is such a beautiful and unique family oriented
culture. It seems to cut out all the unnecessary clutter
and waste and focus on essential things. We were
very impressed.

Well best of luck and congratulations again.