Tuesday, 1 September 2009

My mania

If his is porcelain, mine is earrings since about two weeks. Otto is ofcourse keeping me occupied but whenever a chance is given, I´m there, putting pieces together. I miss creating things with my hands, and this can really calm my mind. I underatsnd why people knit, draw, carv, cook, sew, whatever. It´s really therapeutic. My opening to graphic design was painting and printmaking but therse days I only type or click the mouse. I like to get my hands working, and prefferably, dirty.

Now we´re off to Gothenburg for a few days. If you are lucky, I will get my hands on some pictures from my sisters latest fashion-show. Look out!


Anonymous said...

I agree, you feel so much better with something in your hands. The earrings look great by the way // Beth

Pia Johansson said...

Hej! Trevligt att du tittade in på min blogg, välkommen åter! :)