Sunday, 29 November 2009

Bits of my weekend

So, this weekend turned out to be quite busy. M went away all weeken and Otto and I was by ourselves. Lots of coffee with friends, playtime in the park, nice dinners every night (forgot the camera though) and today nice glywine-party. I did have some time to craft as well, as you can see on our dinnertable. I am making reflect-broches, perfect for the dark winter! And earrings.


Anonymous said...

I want them!!! You know the addres // Beth

Fine Little Day said...

Vilken vacker skylt. Och Otto :)

Anonymous said...

Ååååå hanna,

som jag tidigare sagt är din blogg helt underbar. Den är så SNYGG och får den största inrednings-analfabet (som jag) att bli inspirerad.
Ciao! Annis